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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Doctor Reviews in NW Arkansas Best Chiropractor

Look no further. You've found the best upper cervical doctor within 120 miles...right here in Bentonville, AR!!

Check out real reviews and 5 star ratings from actual patients on DoctorBase

Dr. Blackketter uses the Blair Upper Cervical protocol along with Knee Chest and Palmer Specific (aka "Hole in One" Atlas method) based on what is best for each patient.

Doctor Reviews for Best Chiropractor in NW Arkansas

Pain between shoulder blades completely gone after Upper Cervical care

How is an upper cervical doctor different from a general traditional Chiropractor?
Better results with fewer adjustments. Check out patient testimonial:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gluten Free diet - ADHD / ADD - digestive issues and stress - Upper Cervical Specific chiropractic

Have you wondered if there is an alternative to a "Gluten-Free" diet? Are you concerned about the bad side effects of meds on children? Is anyone you know struggling with ADHD / ADD symptoms?

Watch video testimony:

The nerve system holds the key to proper function in every cell throughout the body, including the brain, stomach, gut, and entire digestive tract. Any neurological disruption or pinched nerve or misaligned spine can cause problems...this is especially important at the brainstem (near the base of the skull at the top of the neck).

Extreme Gluten Free diet for 3 and 1/2 years did NOT fix the problems in this boy. Drug therapy did not help his case either, in fact, his mother reported very negative side effects from the ADHD medication. This boy lost his appetite, saw dramatic weight loss (10% of the child's body weight in one month), insomnia, and anger, even raging at times.

Thankfully they had learned about another option. Upper Cervical Specific chiropractic adjustment made the difference in his life, literally changing their entire family.
Stress relief, normal diet, improved behavior, healthy appetite, and hope for the future...without any drugs, without stress and anxiety for the mom, and without eating "gluten free" anymore!!

This video is "PART 2" from this family.
Check out the beginning of their story here:

Check out our other videos, Facebook, and our main website:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reviews of NWA Chiropractor - Dr. Jason Blackketter at GENESIS Chiropractic in Bentonville

Curious what people are saying about our advanced chiropractic care in NWA?
Looking for help? Our unique upper cervical specific approach may be exactly what you need!

Here are a couple of internet review sites with real reviews from our clients:
Google+ review business page with NWA map and contact info. --
DoctorBase review page for Dr. Blackketter has verified reviews and also a detailed Q&A about the doctor and our practice --
Thumbtack review of Genesis Chiropractic and detailed information about upper cervical chiropractic --
Wellness review for some reason they allow anonymous comments
Yelp reviews our clients have posted online are below. These 5 star reviews are verified but have been "filtered" by Yelp. You can still see them online if click the review button for Genesis Chiropractic in Bentonville --

5 Filtered Reviews for Genesis Chiropractic

 Note: The reviews below are not factored into the business's overall star rating.
Photo of Angela H.
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  • 1review
  • Angela H.
Rogers, AR
5.0 star rating
Dr. Blackketter is very kind, and has really helped me.  I would recommend him to anyone!!  He's the first cervical chiropractor I have ever been to, and I was quite amazed at what he can do.  Check it out!!

Photo of Gregory S.
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  • 1review
  • Gregory S.
Rogers, AR
5.0 star rating
Very good treatment plan and follow up. Getting great results.  Dr Blackketter is friendly and works with schedule.

Photo of Jennifer L.
  • 0friends
  • 1review
  • Jennifer L.
Miracle Valley, AZ
5.0 star rating
Dr. Blackketter cares for his clients and takes a lot of time with them.  It's of utmost importance to him to educate and inform his clients so that they understand what possibilities lie ahead of them.  His vision for them to be well is encouraging and contagious!  Our family saw him on our way across country and were blessed to have spent time at his practice, taking part in a class that he offered.  We have all benefited from his upper-cervical treatment and only wish that we could be under his care on a regular basis.  If you live anywhere nearby, there's no question, you should visit his office and begin your journey to better health!

Photo of Matthew D.
  • 1friend
  • 1review
  • Matthew D.
Deming, NM
5.0 star rating
Dr. Blackketter is a dedicated professional when it comes to Chiropractic.  I had the opportunity to attend Palmer College with him.  Upper cervical care works and in a way that is so different from anything you have experienced before.  DON"T try anything else, TRY CHIROPRACTIC FIRST and call Dr. Blackketter for a life and health changing experience.  I have been checked and adjusted by Dr. Blackketter and would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Photo of Matt S.
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  • 1review
  • Matt S.
Bloomington, IL
5.0 star rating
Dr. Blackketter is the only doctor in all of NW Arkansas to perform Upper Cerivcal Specific care. For that reason I decided to give him a try after numerous attempts to relieve right neck pain. Thanks to Dr. Blackketter I can say that I feel great! Gone are the days of intense neck pain and tension.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bella Vista - Google's winner for best eCity in Arkansas

Google eCity Awards recognize the strongest online business community in each state and a sleepy little recreation community in the far NW corner wins!!

Bella Vista - Google's winner for best eCity in Arkansas - Congrats to all the small business owners in our happy little city in NWA.
Until today, I was unaware of this award (there it is below the link), and I hadn't even heard about eCities before, but here is the info.:
NWA's Bella Vista is #1 

So if you are surfing the web and searching for a local restaurant, grocery store, or the best Chiropractor in Bella Vista, you are contributing to our reputation of being the Digital Capital of Arkansas!

We are happy to help and provide all of NWArk with the newest form of advanced chiropractic services in a 120 mile radius, just South of Bella Vista in N. Bentonville off Hwy 71 on Exit 93

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where is the best Natural Healthcare in NW Arkansas?

Several options are available for natural healing in the NWA area, but you should look for someone who takes plenty of time to really listen to your concerns. Then the health professional should follow a reputable scientific protocol that is based on how the body really works (NOT just a textbook knowledge from somebody who took some nutrition classes). You want an experienced practitioner who is getting results in the real world with real people who have real problems.

Obviously, you wouldn't be reading this blog if you simply wanted an MD or DO to throw down a Rx pad down and scribble out an order for medication or prescription vitamins. Ideally you will together with your natural health doctor to form the best solution for your unique needs.
So, what does that look like? -- Keep reading!

Natural health care
, eating real organic food, regular exercise, and clean non-toxic choices all help you live a stronger and healthier life. Don't hear me wrong, healthy living is important:
– Better nutrition is good, but dieting and vitamins are not the answer...
 More consistent exercise is good, but working out is not the answer...
– Toxin-free, clean living is good, but avoiding chemicals is not the answer....
The best approach in natural health care is to start doing those “healthy lifestyle” things AND then trust your body to work normally. That is normal and expected…it is called Vitalism...But IF you are NOT experiencing this normal expression of Life and Health naturallythen it’s time to ask yourself “WHY NOT?”

Your body was designed to function properly and heal naturally whenever you get sick or hurt. If amazing health and optimal function is NOT your experience, then the answer is simple: you may have a problem with your autonomic nerve system.
In fact, your health problems are most likelyneurological problems
autonomic nerve function scan
Nerve Function Thermography Scan (before and after) upper left bar graph shows balance and function returning after the atlas adjustment

A healthy lifestyle alone is NOT enough.
When something is wrong; GET THE NERVE SYSTEM CHECKED!!!
 (FYI, upper cervical specific doctors of chiropractic are the only health care professionals specially trained in this natural approach to analyze and correct the function of the autonomic nerve system.)

Why is upper cervical specific the best approach in natural health care?
> Because it is natural.
> Because it is non-invasive.
> Because it is does not use any drugs.
> Because it is safe for any condition and any age.
> Because it corrects the cause instead of treating symptoms.
> Because it restores balance and function to the entire nerve system.
> Because it is the most cost effective use of your important health care budget.
> Because it allows your body to function normally and heal naturally as it was designed.
> Because it holds the alignment longer and requires fewer adjustments than general chiropractic.
> Because it restores communication between brain and body so the billions of messages your nerves deliver will effectively coordinate and direct every function in every cell throughout every part of your body.
> Because it is essential for you to restore optimal function, work properly, and heal naturally.

We also have a referral relationship with Dr. DiAnna Wallace at "That Natural Healing Place" in our Bentonville clinic. She is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in natural methods of healing, dietary modification and nutritional counseling, as well as many unique herbal remedies, essential oils, and Bach flower treatments.
We've found many people truly begin to thrive when we combine the power of Upper Cervical care with the natural health support of eating right and ridding the body of chemical toxins.

479.696.8000 for Dr. Blackketter of GENESIS Chiropractic
479.366.0039 for Dr. Wallace of That Natural Healing Place